Mediatwist Facilitates Sponsor Acquisition with Celebrity Appearance

On Friday April 20, a first of it’s kind appearance will take place at T.I.S. College Bookstore in our hometown of Bloomington Indiana.  Definitely not the first time a celebrity has been used for star power, rather the first time a traditional bookstore with roots in customer service and book buy back is dabbling with the power of famous names and faces. One of the biggest time’s of the year for Bloomington residents and Indiana University Students is centered around the Little 500 bicycle race.  Each year the IU Student Union Board puts on a music concert and they have a knack for securing the best and biggest musical performers each year. This year is no different, legendary band Sublime with Rome will be the headlining artist at Assembly Hall Friday night.  Thursday night and Friday afternoon the same band members of Sublime will be on a media frenzy at stop’s throughout Bloomington, all acquired by Chris Kurtz of The Mediatwist Group. ” I approached the marketing department of T.I.S. Group and urged them to get involved with this possibility of an appearance by the members of the same group that were going to be the ‘talk of town’ for Little 500″. They came back to me with, ‘yeah great idea Chris, but we don’t want to pay anything’. I knew I could generate revenue for the band and I knew I had a place to put them on ‘display’, I just needed some sponsors”.  Chris explained how his experience with spot sponsor acquisition on past tours in the music industry was a bonus when trying to pull the same thing off in his new home town.  “I just asked for a list of community partners from the marketing department at T.I.S. and started cold calling.  I knew as long as I could relate this appearance to added value and buzz for their brands, they would buy in”. “And they did!” says Chris.  This year’s Pampered Celebrity Meet Greet with DJ Rocky Rock of Sublime with Rome will take place on the afternoon of April 20 just before Rocky Rock takes the stage to headline the 2012 Little 500 show.  The event is sponsored by Bucceto’s Smiling teeth, a local restaurant in Bloomington, and also by Les Champs Elysees Day Sap and Salon. Sponsors will be on hand to give away free pizza and free massages. One of the promised perks to the sponsors from Mediatwist was a 30 second Youtube video by the celebrity for the sponsors to use on their social sites.  Here is the video

Stay tuned for update after appearance…………………………….

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Zoltan Bathory Crashes Monster Truck

The latest media buzz from Mediatwist involves a rock-star and a monster truck!


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The 20th Annual Millennium Music Confernence


TMG founder, Chris Kurtz, spoke on this years 20th Annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA. The conference lent a hand to launching the careers of platinum selling bands like Fuel, Live, Breaking Benjamin and Halestorm. Chad Szeliga of Breaking Benjamin, David Ivory of Ivory Productions, and Lou Plaia co-founder of Reverbnation were among the list of panelists and keynote speakers to share the stage with The Mediatwist Group.  The conference provided a great forum for industry musicians and executives to share stories and struggles and what steps they should take in their current progression to sustain a career in music or entertainment. A glance inside one of the conference room showed aspiring musicians and future industry professionals talking shop and taking notes.  This is the true magic of MMC. Topics ranging from email drip nurturing to digital marketing targeting with custom audiences were discussed as panel members answered questions from almost famous conference goers. “These moments are what I live for…John puts on an amazing day for us too, not just the aspiring artists go home with something, but I leave with some great lifetime connections from some of the most unique artists the world has to offer.” – Chris Kurtz.



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Heavy Metal Guitarist Debuts Monster Truck in Pomona

Zoltan Bathory, Metal guitarist of the platinum selling band, Five Finger Death Punch, will make his motor sports debut behind the wheel of a 10,000lb monster truck named after the mascot of his band, Knucklehead. He is on a quest to cross another item off of his infamous, “Bucket List.”


It started during a casual conversation at a restaurant in Sweden, two guys on tour in two completely different industries. Zoltan Bathory was there with his band, global music sensation, Five Finger Death Punch, and Chris Kurtz of the marketing firm, The Mediatwist Group, who was there producing a show with Monster Jam, a Feld Motor Sports production, the biggest of it’s kind, featuring headliner trucks like Gravedigger and Max-D. Chris had run into bassist, Chris Kael in downtown Stockholm, a completely ‘chance’ meeting, as Chris Kurtz recalls. “I decided to find the most rock-star looking tattooed guy that would actually talk to me, I spotted Kael from afar and walked up to him. We had instantly realized we were both lost Americans looking for a warm meal and cold beer.” During dinner Chris gravitated towards Zoltan,guitarist and the adrenaline junkie of the group, and most likely to steal a monster truck next door and ‘take it for a spin’. “I asked him if he wanted to drive a monster truck and he said, ‘O HELL YES’. I knew about his bucket list and how extreme of a personality he was. I told him I would be in touch.”

Chris and his team at The Mediatwist Group enlisted the help of monster truck legend and driver, Jimmy Creten. Jimmy and his Team 2Xtreme accepted the offer and have been hard at work since March, developing a half-a-million dollar, state of the art machine, they call “Knucklehead Monster”.The truck is affectionately named after the mascot of Five Finger Death Punch, Knucklehead.


Knucklehead Monster – Driven by Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.

Zoltan met with Jimmy and his team for a private test drive and developed a learning course in May at Camp Creten in Kansas before taking the stage at RockFest, in front of over 40,000 music fans.

After many months of training and development, Zoltan and Team Knucklehead Monster made their debut this past weekend at the “Flip Fest Monster Truck & Motocross Stunt Spectacular” in Pomona, California. Alongside members of the World famous, Metal Mulisha and Fitz Army. For the first time ever a platinum selling music artist performed behind the wheel of a 1,700 horsepower monster truck.

Zoltan and Knucklehead Monster Truck will circle the globe this winter. For more information, check out

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Update: Knucklehead Monster


We’ve been inundated with requests from around the world for Knucklehead Monster! Thank you to all of the Knuckleheads for your support and excitement for Zoltan Bathory and his Bucket List activities. This August 30th, Zoltan and Knucklehead Monster make their performance debut in Los Angeles County, California. Get your tickets now to the LA County Fair and book your flights to see the most talked about monster truck in music and motor sports! Here is a link to the Trip Advisor to the hosting city for The Knucklehead Monster Debut, Trip Advisor Pomona.

Here are the latest photos from behind the scenes with Zoltan Bathory and Knucklehead Monster…

20140726-194620-71180770.jpg10269041_664883343597041_8032594940891470134_o10358367_567029566747448_897215141_n kNUCKLHEAD_IS_BORN













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Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory Fire Suit Unveil Coming Soon…UPDATED

UPDATE 5/10/14 – Instagram Post from 5FDP’s Zoltan Bathory @ZoltanBathory – Zoltan Bathory Instagrams Sneak Peek of Fire Suit

Working on the racing suite #simpson #simpsonracing #mediatwist #2xtremeracing

A post shared by Zoltan Bathory 5FDP (@zoltanbathory) on

Zoltan Bathory with the help of Team 2Xtreme Racing and The Mediatwist Group will test drive a 16,000 horsepower monster truck on May 31, at an undisclosed location. This test drive is the first step and it’s where 5FDP fans can witness the birth of TEAM KNUCKLEHEAD. All of these entities will unite at the end of month and form a union to begin development on the all new, KNUCKLEHEAD Monster Truck! Driven by Zoltan Bathory and Team Knucklehead. Special thanks to Simpson Racing Products and all of the our awesome sponsors that have come together to make this a reality for Zoltan and help him cross another item off of his ‘Bucket List’.




Stay tuned for news on the Knucklehead monster truck test drive coming at the end of May, 2014! Zoltan Bathory heads to an undisclosed location to strap in behind the wheel on one of Team 2Xtreme’s 16,000 horsepower monster trucks. Special thanks to motor sports legend, Jimmy Creten and his entire team and The Mediatwist Group for their help facilitating this test drive.

Simpson Racing Products Tweets to Zoltan

Follow updates:
Tweet to @chriskurtz

on Instagram

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Mediatwist Teams Up With Five Finger Death Punch On Motor Sports Cross Promotion

Concept Drawing of Knucklehead, Five Finger Death Punch Mascot

Concept Drawing of Knucklehead, Five Finger Death Punch Mascot

Follow along with Team 2Xtreme and The Mediatwist Group as they attempt to cross off another item on the bucket list of a motorhead rockstar that lives life in the fast lane and performs globally in front of millions of people each year in one of the World’s top grossing Metal bands. The entire project and concept was seeded between Zoltan Bathory of 5FDP and Chris Kurtz, CEO of The Mediatwist Group. In this interview Zoltan explains how this project all came about in a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. A conversation between Chris and Zoltan about monster trucks has developed into a rockstar preparing to strap himself behind the wheel of a 16,00 horsepower monster in less than 6 months after conception.

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Mediatwist Develops DVE2 To Reach More Fans

As we get ready to put the lid on this year and ring in the new, at Mediatwist headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana, things are heating up for Drummer VS Emulator. One of the newest acts at Mediatwist, DVE has already enjoyed a world tour with stops in Sweden and Germany and is taking the EDM scene by storm at home in the states and internationally. This futuristic live music show features a ‘robot like’ DJ mixing on a touchscreen, an overgrown iPad looking device and a drummer donned in led chest protector. Referred to by Rolling Stone Magazine as the “Future of Dj’ing”, the show has been picked up as an entertainment enhancement by Feld Entertainment for performance in stadiums and arenas around the world. Last year, DVE wowed crowds from Jacksonville, Florida to Stockholm, Sweden. The overwhelming response to this new show has led to a demand by Monster Jam

Drummer VS Emulator performs in front of thousands of fans each year.

Drummer VS Emulator performs in front of thousands of fans each year.

See Drummer Vs Emulator Live!

See Drummer Vs Emulator Live!

The makers of Disney On Ice, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Supercross, ArenaCross, Nuclear Cowboyz and Marvel Universe Live.

The makers of Disney On Ice, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Supercross, ArenaCross, Nuclear Cowboyz and Marvel Universe Live.

event managers to have DVE at all of their shows. “We ran into a problem, when all of the event managers wanted DVE at their show.” says Chris Kurtz, Mediatwist founder. “How could I keep all of the event managers happy by giving them ALL a Drummer VS Emulator show?” After phone calls back and forth with Justin Drake, the original Emulator and the rest of his team, Kurtz decided to expand the ever popular act and remembered a young dj that Justin had brought on tour a few weeks earlier. The plan was then set into motion to begin development on Team Drummer VS Emulator, a way to expand the tour and show potential of our calendar and get in front of as many people per year. Shortly after DVE2 was born. DVE2 features Stephen Boardman and Kevin Shamlin both of Louisville, Kentucky. The entire team is cramming the all week to prepare for DVE2’s first show at The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville January 3-5th. Justin Drake was careful to point out one key element that must be present for success. “It’s all about the kids at Monster Jam. It’s up to Chris and I to show Steve and Kevin how important that dynamic is in our live show. The lights, taking time to let them wear our helmet, all of it is for the kids.”

Look for Drummer Vs Emulator at Monster Jam tour stops nationwide including Jacksonville Stadium in Jax, Florida, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado and many more which can be found at

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